What Is Ether Scan and How To Use It? 

Bitflex - What is EtherScan and How to Use It

Etherscan is an online blockchain explorer that provides the users with the real time access to Ethereum network data, and includes list of transactions, blocks, and contracts. It is one of the most popular and widely used blockchain explorers, Etherscan offers users a comprehensive suite of tools and features that makes it easy to monitor and analyze on chain Ethereum activity. In this article, we will try to explore the features of Etherscan and how to use them. 

Features of EtherScan 

EtherScan offers wide range of features to its users, including: 

  1. Transactions Tracking: EtherScan offers users the ability to track their Ethereum transactions in real-time, including details such as the sender, receiver, gas fees, and block confirmation time. 
  1. Block Explorer: EtherScan offers a comprehensive block explorer which displays information on all Ethereum network blocks, block heights, timestamps, and particular difficulty levels. 
  1. Contract Explorer: EtherScan allows users to explore Ethereum smart contracts and view details such as contract addresses, source code and transactions. 
  1. Token Tracking: EtherScan offers a token tracker which enables users to view details on all ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens, which also includes total supply, contract addresses, and token transfers. 
  1. Address Tracking: EtherScan allows users to monitor Ethereum addresses in real time. This includes balances, transaction history and contract interactions. 
  1. Mining Statistics: EtherScan allows users comprehensive information on mining statistics, hash rates, difficulty levels, and block rewards. 
  1. Analytical Tools: EtherScan offers various analytical tools such as gas tracker, contract debugger, unit converters and token balances chart. 

How to Use EtherScan? 

Using EtherScan is simple and straightforward. Here is a quick and step-by-step guide to use EtherScan: 

  • Step 1: Visit the EtherScan website at etherscan.io
  • Step 2: Navigate towards the section of the site that you want to explore. For example, if you wish to explore a specific Ethereum address, enter that address and you will be provided with complete information. 
  • Step 3: As you enter the address, EtherScan will display a variety of information related to the address such as balance, transaction history, and contract interactions. 
  • Step 4: If you want to explore Ethereum transactions, click on the Transactions tab and enter the transaction hash. EtherScan will display information regarding sender, receiver, gas fee and block confirmation time.  
  • Step 5: To explore Ethereum blocks, click on the Blocks section, and enter the block number or block hash. EtherScan will display information like block height, difficulty level and timestamp. 
  • Step 6: If you wish to explore Ethereum Smart Contracts, go to the Developers section, and click on the Smart Contracts option. You will have information regarding contracts, source code, contract transactions and contract balance. 
  • Step 7: For exploring Ethereum tokens, click on the “Tokens” tab and enter the token name and contract address. EtherScan will display information such as total supply, contract address and token transfers. 
  • Step 8: For using Ethereum Scan Analytical tools, click on the “Developers” tab and choose the tools you want to use, such as gas tracker and contract debugger as well as unit converter or DEX (Decentralized Exchange) tracker. 


EtherScan is a powerful blockchain explorer that aims to provide its users with real time access to network data. With a comprehensive suite of tools and features, users can make it easy for users to monitor and analyse Ethereum network activity. Using EthScan various tools, users can track transactions, blocks, contracts, tokens and addresses as well as more information related to over the chain activities. This helps in gaining a better insight into the Ethereum ecosystem. 

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