Top 8 BRC-20 Tokens to Buy in 2024

top 8 coins to buy for BRC 20

With the emergence of BRC-20 tokens in 2023 which marked a significant increase and interest towards the BRC-20 tokens and cryptocurrency landscape, the same expected surge can be forecasted in 2024 as well. Built on BRC 20 ecosystem as it is in its infancy stage, BRC 20 tokens emerged on the surface as an interesting investment avenue for different types of investors. As the BRC-20 ecosystem is still young several tokens have garnered much attention for their potential. Before we dive deep into the specific tokens, it is crucial to understand the underlying technology and its potential benefits and limitations.  

Understanding BRC-20: A New Chapter for Bitcoin 

Unlike traditional tokens, such as ERC-20 tokens built on the Ethereum network, BRC-20 tokens leverage the security and established network of Bitcoin. They achieve this by leveraging the Ordinals protocol, which allows data to be inscribed directly onto individual Satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. This data can represent anything from artwork and music to ownership rights and even game items. This data can be represented in any form such as artwork, and music to ownership rights and even game items. 

List of 8 Best BRC 20 Coins to Consider in 2024 

As the BRC 20 tokens ecosystem is still blooming, several tokens have caught much attention for their potential. Here are eight tokens to consider while keeping in mind that thorough research is crucial before you make any investment decisions: 

  • Ordi (ORDI)
    The trailblazer of BRC 20 space is ORDI, as it holds historical significance being the first BCR 20 token ever created. This, coupled with the utility in facilitating NFT creation on the Bitcoin network, has propelled it to a market capitalization exceeding $1 billion. Its early mover advantage with established presence makes it a token to watch. 
  • 1000 SATS (1000 SATS) 
    This token is named after the pseudonym’s creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, representing 1000 Satoshis, making it a convenient way to hold and trade smaller fractions of Bitcoin. With a top 100 ranking amongst cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization, it also offers a familiar concept wrapped in the innovation of BRC 20 technology. 
  • Multibit (MUBI) 
    As a bridge between the BRC 20 tokens and ERC 20 tokens ecosystems, MUBI plays a significant role in facilitating the cross-chain token transfers. This interoperability unlocks the potential of broader market reach and increased liquidity for BRC 20 tokens, making MUBI a valuable piece of BRC 20 infrastructure.
  • Gamma (GAMMA) 
    This DeFi (Decentralized finance) token, is built on the platform, which focuses on options trading specifically for BRC 20 tokens. With the growing demand for DeFi applications within the BRC 20 ecosystem, Gamma presents a compelling option for investors to seek exposure to this burgeoning space. 
  • Turtat (TURT) 
    This is an open-source community platform that aims to empower developers and projects within the BRC 20 space. By fostering collaboration and enabling easy donations to ordinal projects, Turtat contributes to the overall growth and sustainability of the ecosystem. Its focus is on community building and development, which makes it an interesting token to consider. 
  • Mice (MICE) 
    This is a meme coin that is inspired by a tweet from Elon Musk and gained significant traction upon its launch in October 2023. While meme coins are inherently volatile and thus carry higher risks, MICE’s community backing and potential for virality cannot be entirely ignored. 
  • Rats Ordinals (RATS) 
    RATS token is inspired by the success of MICE, Rats ordinals protocol emerged as another animal-themed meme coin, on the BRC 20 scene. Its total supply and relationship to MICE position it as a potential alternative or counterpart while adding another layer to the speculative meme coin space within the BRC 20 ecosystem. 
  • Stacks (STX) 
    While not strictly a BRC 20 token itself, Stacks functions as a bridge between Bitcoin blockchain and smart contracts. This enables the development of DeFi applications and smart contracts directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, giving a benefit to BRC 20 tokens by enhancing the potential use cases. Keeping an eye on the development of Stacks can provide valuable insights into the overall growth of BRC 20 ecosystem. 

Final Thoughts 

While the 8 best BRC 20 tokens presented offer diverse functionalities and represent the current landscape, it is crucial to remember that the BRC 20 space is still in its infancy era but evolving rapidly with time. Extensive research is being carried out with time, having its own set of standards and diversified investment strategies. Therefore, before you venture into BRC 20 tokens and invest in it remember that responsibilities and informed participation are vital in navigating the emerging frontier. 


What is the best BRC 20 token? 

There is no single best BRC 20 token, as they are diverse and carry different risk profiles. Each token has its unique features and gives a potential benefit. Before you invest in any BRC 20 token, make sure you do complete research about it and apply diversification as well. 

What are the new BRC 20 tokens? 

New BRC 20 tokens are constantly emerging so staying informed and conducting your research is essential. The above article can guide you in choosing the best token as per your investment and risk profile. 

What is the BRC 20 category? 

BRC 20 is a technical standard for creating fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

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