How To Get Started With BNB Smart Chain (BSC)? 

Bitflex - How to Get Started with BNB Smart Chain (BSC)

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has gained maximum significance and popularity as a blockchain platform that offers fast and low-cost transactions, thus making it an attractive option for developers and users alike. If you are interested in getting started with BSC and exploring the world of decentralised applications (dApps) and decentralised finance (DeFi). In this article, you will explore the essential steps for exploring the world of decentralization. 

Setting up BSC Compatible Wallet 

The first step is to choose a wallet that is compatible with BSC. One popular option is Trust Wallet, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Download and install the wallet, then follow the setup and instructions to create a new wallet. Make sure that you store the seed phrase or the private key during the setup process. 

Obtain BNB 

BNB is a native currency of Binance Smart Chain and is used for transaction fees and other activities within the network. To obtain the BNB, you can use Binance. Create an account on Binance, complete the necessary verification process and deposit your funds (e.g., USD or other cryptocurrencies) into your account. As you have funds, you can trade for BNB. 

Connect Trust Wallet to BSC 

After obtaining BNB, open Trust wallet and try navigating to the setting menu. Look for the “Networks” or “Networks & Contracts” option and select “Smart Chain (BSC)” as the active network. If BSC is not listed you can also manually add it by entering the network name, New RPC URL: , Chain ID:56, Symbol: BNB and Block Explorer URL: Save the change and your Trust Wallet will now be connected to the BSC. 

Transfer BNB to Trust Wallet 

To use BNB and BSC network, you need to transfer it from your Binance account to your Trust Wallet. Open Trust Wallet and navigate to BNB wallet section. Tap on the “Receive” button to get your BNB wallet address. Go to Binance and initiate a withdrawal by entering your Trust Wallet BNB address. As the withdrawal is processed, you will see the BNB balance in your Trust Wallet. 

Explore Defi and dApps: 

With the Trust Wallet connected to BSC and BNB in your wallet, you can explore the wide range of dApps including Pancake Swap (a Decentralised Exchange) (DEX), Venus (a lending and borrowing platform), and BakerySwap (a decentralised marketplace). You can access these dApps by entering their URLs in the Trust Wallet DApp browser or by scanning a QR code. Just make sure that you do your thorough research on any platform before using it and be mindful of security precautions. 

Manage Gas Fees 

As BSC offers low transaction fees, compared to other blockchains, there are still gas fees associated with the transactions. Gas fees ensure that transactions are processed by miners. To manage gas fees effectively, you can adjust the gas price in Trust Wallet when initiating transactions. You can choose between different speed options, such as slow, average, or fast depending upon your preferences and urgency. Higher gas prices will result in faster transaction confirmations, but they may also be more expensive. 


As you explore the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) remember to stay informed about the latest developments and security upgrades. Keep your wallet and private keys secure and safe and stay cautious when interacting with unfamiliar dApps, Defi platforms. BSC provides an exciting ecosystem for developers and users alike, and with the right knowledge and precautions, you can make the most of this blockchain platform.  

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